We believe that our value structure is as important as our skill set. It drives both our design strategies and our business decisions.


We firmly believe that context is at the core of design. Nothing exists in isolation, and harmony can only be achieved by understanding the whole story. Context is the space that exists between the internal and the external. It is this in-between space in which truly unique design is formed, at the meeting point of history, memory, and proximity to materials and skills.



Architecture and design influence and are influenced by the culture they inhabit. At Alkove, we believe that design is a form of active cultural participation. We see design in consonance with the colours, textures and sounds that surround it. We also ensure that the culture we create within our team is one of respect and transparency, in which we deeply trust each other’s creative instincts and grow together. 


Community is the bedrock of architecture and design; living spaces are made for communities to live and work and flourish in. We try to bring this sense of cohesiveness into our spaces. We also believe in building our own community with the professionals who make our work possible- our craftspeople, our vendors, contractors, and core workers, as well as our clients. We design spaces that respect this community and the spirit of equal collaboration, and build relationships on the basis of mutual respect and trust.


Design is not possible without empathy and compassion. The design must respond to the needs of its users and we cannot understand these needs without harbouring a sense of empathy. We listen before we act. We try to infuse compassion into the entire design process, from communicating with all stakeholders, sourcing materials, and implementation right up to the final handing over. At Alkove we are deeply conscious of our responsibility, towards our community and stakeholders, towards the environment, and towards each other.


We honour our word. We will not make unrealistic promises or build castles in the air. We will commit sincerely to the brief and deliver our very best at each stage. We believe in going above and beyond to make our clients’ experience and final result exceed their expectations.