Redevelopment of Bal Gandharva Ranga Mandir, Pune was a competition conducted by the Pune Municipal Corporation.Bal Gandharva Ranga Mandir is a drama theatre with an auditorium and exhibition hall, named after Marathi singer and stage actorBal Gandharva inaugurated in the year 1968. Alkove-Design participated in this competition alongside many prestigious Architects from all over the country. 


Alkove’s proposal for Hope Dental Centre in Kigali, Rwanda, combines the values of sustainability and cultural memory with modern design sensibilities. Dental care centres are often perceived as clinical, sterilised spaces with minimal character and ambience. However, Alkove believes that spaces built for offering healthcare services must be seen, first and foremost, as community spaces

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This school aims to create a space where along with Education, young minds will learn to Embrace their Culture, Enhance their Communal Values as well as Encourage the practice of Sustainable Living.The Courtyard and the farming area together act as a learning landscape that communicates the community’s knowledge, traditions and values to the future generation.

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