Komal Mittal and Ninada Kashyap both studied architecture and design at Dr. Banuben Nanavati College of Architecture, Pune. Additionally, Ninada has a master’s degree in Advanced Architecture from IAAC Barcelona, and Komal has a master’s degree in Project Management from NICMAR, Pune.

They have been practising architects for eleven years and started working together in 2013 when they created Alkove-Design. They have built up a strong repertoire together since then. Having worked on diverse projects covering residences, housing complexes, educational campuses, restaurants and cafes, and office spaces, their skill set is broad and versatile. 

Ninada and Komal both believe that architecture and design stems from the space between binaries: form as well as function, intuition as well as discipline, empathy as well as method, imagination as well as materiality. 

They bring into each project their instinctive understanding of spaces and their unerring eye for detail.

Their design philosophy is driven by a deep respect for craftsmanship and context. More than anything else, they believe in having a clear value structure that guides both their design sensibilities and their relationships with all their stakeholders. As a result, Alkove-Design is driven by a strong sense of community and approaches each project with complete commitment.