a 2BHK apartment of area 670 sqft. This apartment has a modern contemporary  blend with a pop of  gold and turquoise. The living area is charming and inviting , where the main bedroom is kept cool and cozy with shades of  blue. By using a fun bunk bed for the kids room creates a larger space for activities.


Alkove blended two contrasting design principles, minimalism and bohemian aesthetics, in the spirit of the ancient Tao philosophy. This space represents the harmonious relationship between opposites. With the use of a rich navy blue, fresh green and bright yellow, the interiors embody both simplicity and spontaneity

 a luxurious 4bhk apartment on the 25th floor with a view of the Worli sea link. The living and dining space flows into the common recreation space, and into an open lobby, all the way to the mandir on the other side. This gives the space a roomy and versatile open space for large family gatherings.


For this project, Alkove has given its own spin to the ‘farmhouse’ aesthetic. A symphony in wood and white, this space exudes a warm, comforting and relaxed vibe while being organised around the central notion of practicality.

2021-08-Alcove Designs Sarma-136-edit.jpg