Alkove Studio


Alkove Studio is a workspace that facilitates a spirit of collaboration and transparent communication. As a community of young architects, we are committed to keeping our channel open and maintaining a culture of free interaction.  We believe in horizontality rather than hierarchy and share our studio space accordingly. As a close-knit team, we eat together, discuss our designs together, chat over coffee, and add collectively to our open library. 

Design sensibility


Our design sensibility finds its roots in our core values, in the space between simplistic binaries. We prefer not to confine ourselves to fixed labels. Alkove’s methods simultaneously explore art passed down over generations, and cutting-edge technology. Our design methodology situates itself in the full spectrum between digital techniques and traditional craftsmanship- we use wood-working machines as much as 3D-laser cutting machines, handmade live models as well as computer programmed models. Most importantly, we constantly widen our skills and techniques to build each design according to its user, function, and context.